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Thursday, October 13, 2011

BIG Wedge

The Big Wedge Section TM
Available only from Heritage Medical Products, Inc.
Home of the Wedge Section TM
Invented & Patented by Jason K. Stasney, RVT RDCS
VP HMP, Inc.

 Right hand scanning Sonographers can easily access their patient ....
 Maintain proper spine and neck alignment while scanning - reduce arm abduction while getting closer to your patient.
 Patient leans against the built in Wedge Section (TM) and NOT the Sonographer.  
Also, no hassel using a pillow or foam wedge.
 Resting feet on the bed frame gives the Sonographer an ergonomic advantage, maintaining level knee alignment encouraging proper spine and neck position.

Photos show the Big Wedge(TM) combined with our Cardiac Power Drop Section (TM)
The Big Wedge (TM) is available on our 2000 Series Cardiac 
call today for more information.
(888) 256-8748
(bed does not have electric fowler)