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Monday, May 14, 2012


The Famous T-Shirt

I am Angela Stasney, director of marketing at HMP and a child of the 1970's.  As some of you may remember the saying on this t-shirt was a big hit in the mid to late 70's.  The shirt would usually read something like this:

"My parents went to Miami,
and all I got was this lousy t-shirt..."

Of course it didn't have to be your parents or Miami,
 it was anywhere someone else went and all you 
got was this lousy shirt.  

I loved this saying as a child, although I didn't receive a shirt like this, I always wished I had.  
Yes, I was jealous of friends who had received that lousy t-shirt.  

So when I finally convinced Jason we should give away t-shirts at our meetings, 
we came up with all kinds of sayings.  (Some too racy to print on a shirt!)  
But then my mind went back to the 70's and those LOUSY t-shirts. 

This was my thought, when a Sonographer comes to a meeting and sees the SonoBedTM, they want it instantly.  What better way to go back to work and tell your supervisor than saying it on a t-shirt?  
Now Sonographers can wear a stylish t-shirt and still get their point across when it comes to new equipment.

HMP Attends The Leading Edge --- Atlantic City, New Jersey

Angela Stasney & Kerry Leonard

The Leading Edge in Diagnostic Ultrasound
Annual Conference

May 8-11, 2012

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ


This was our second year to attend the Leading Edge Conference.  I had such a great response last year I knew I had to go back.  This year I took Kerry Leonard, she is our lead sales representative and "Jason's right hand man (woman)".  We left our home in West Plains, Missouri and drove to St. Louis to fly out to Philadelphia.  Then we rented a car and drove to Atlantic City Monday night.  
Tuesday morning we went to the exhibit hall to set up our booth, only to find out our beautiful pink bed had not been delivered.  That's about the worse thing that can happen when exhibiting at a trade show.  Four nervous hours later our bed arrived just in time to uncrate and set up our booth.

I gave away my famous t-shirts that everyone loves!  And the pink upholstery really brought the attendees in.  We met many students and educators each with stories of bariatric  patients, ergonomics, and positioning patient woes.

Later that evening Kerry and I made our way down the Boardwalk......we loved it.  

 It was colder than we are accustomed to in Southwest Missouri this time of year, but so interesting and filled with  history.  No trip to Atlantic City is complete without a visit to the Boardwalk.
Kerry Leonard
Angela Stasney
Thank you to each and everyone who took time out of their busy days to travel to Atlantic City for this informative conference.  
Special 'Shout Out' to Lisa Redmond and Jill Lewis who made this trip even better.  These girls had terrific insight to ultrasound and provided me with much needed information for future product development.