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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Ergonomics - It's not just for Ultrasound!

We are making ergonomic changes within our office this fall.  Our beds offer ergonomic features  and options - but in our day to day lives we are not practicing what we preach.  After reading the following statistics we made a simple change with Kerry's desk.  Adding bed risers from Wal Mart has given her desk 9 inches in height, allowing her to sit and STAND at her desk comfortably all day! 
BEFORE:  Kerry sitting at her desk before the risers.

After:  Kerry sitting at her desk after the risers, resting her feet on the foot ring of the chair.

After:  Kerry standing at her desk - increases her lifespan!

Sitting Statistics

  • We spend 9.3 hours of the waking hours sitting down
  • 0.7 hour spend on vigorous exercise or activities
  • Sitting down increase the risk of death due to heart problems by a whopping 40%!
  • Sitting more 6 hours a day, even with exercise, increase the chances of a person to die within 15 years than one who sits for 3 hours a day by 40%
  • People with sitting jobs have double the rate of cardiovascular diseases than those with standing jobs.
  • After 2 hours of sitting down good cholesterol drops by 20%


Stand up and live longer!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kansas City.....Here we come!

Kerry and I are headed to
Kansas City this weekend for the
Greater Kansas City Society of Ultra Sonographers Symposium
to be held at the Sheraton Overland Park Hotel
Above is a screenshot of the fantastic cup we are giving to all the attendees. 
Since it's Halloween time, the cups will be filled with lots of candy .....chocolate!
We are really excited to participate in the meeting. 
It's our first time at a local symposium in Kansas City. 
If you are reading this and would like for us to attend your local meeting - no matter where you are in the country, contact me today. 
We enjoy the chance to meet fellow sonographers and show you our SonoBedTM. 
Call 888-256-8748
Angela Stasney