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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Best SDMS Meeting of our 10 years!

Jason & I attended our first SDMS Meeting in October 2001 in Las Vegas.
At that time the country was still in a state of shock over the events of September 11.
I remember wanting to cancel our trip because I was too afraid to travel.
But we went, took Jason's mom & our girls, got on the plane and flew
to Las Vegas for the SDMS Meeting.
It's so hard to believe that was 9 years and 10 meetings ago.

Last week we had a great time at the 2010 SDMS Meeting in Denver.
Thank you to everyone who attended and made the meeting a success.

Special SHOUT OUT to Jennifer, Beth, Julie & Jeanne - some of our favorite
customers and good friends we can count on visiting with each year at the meeting.

Above is a photo of Jason & me with the
Polly Bed* - the only pink exam bed in the exhibit hall
and maybe even the entire state of Colorado.
The Polly Bed* had an amazing debut - with her Power Wedge Sections*
pink upholstery she was very well received.
So many of you stopped by to take her photo - very exciting for us!

I could not ask for a better response to our New Polly Bed*.

Thanks again to all who attended and continue to support businesses like us in the exhibit hall.
If you have never attended the SDMS Annual Meeting I encourage you to get more info at
their website and plan on seeing us next year in Atlanta, Georgia.

SDMS Meeting next year is in Atlanta, Georgia
September 22-25, 2011

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